Steve Harvey gives advice to a young, single, Christian mother on how best to find a Godly man outside of her church
13 Jul

We recently came across a video clip from Steve Harvey’s daytime TV show that has some awesome and practical tips for Christian singles.

Steve regularly does a segment called “Hey Steve”, where selected audience members have a chance to get Steve’s advice on various topics – from personal development and business advice, to love & relationships.

In the video, a young single mother asks Steve for his advice on finding “someone that’s into God” and a “purpose mate”. She mentions that as she often attends church, she sees single women in their 50’s and 60’s that are still “waiting on God” to send their husband. Ultimately, she wants Steve’s advice on how to be proactive in meeting a “God-fearing man”.

According to Steve, there are 5 major things single Christian women should be doing to find their mate. His advice equally applies to single Christian men as well – so let’s break it down:

1. Let go of this myth: “If you go to church, you’ll find a good man (or woman)” 😲

Look, church is a wonderful place for worship and fellowship. While that fellowship can lead to more… “fellowship”… it’s not always going to be the case. Steve mentions that “most everyone has been to church”, and the fabled “good man” was either the pastor, was already taken, or just wasn’t there.

2. Open up your pool of awareness 🌎

Steve says this is the secret – “If you want a man to find you, you’ve just gotta open up your pool of awareness”. He believes that putting yourself in a position that lets more men know you’re available “to be captured” is a big key. He continues that if you go to “the same church, the same grocery store”, etc, and your potential mate isn’t there, it’s time to broaden the search a bit!

3. Join an online dating site (like Churchy Date 👀😁)

“Some women don’t like dating sites, because they’re old fashioned, and don’t want to be in there” Steve says. Years ago, when the internet was new, “dating online” seemed weird and unsafe, but that’s definitely not the case anymore. “Here’s the reality of today…” Steve explains, “…65 percent of all marriages come from online dating. That’s the reality”. The audience at this point claps in agreement – times have changed and perspectives have majorly shifted. The stigma of online dating shouldn’t really exist anymore.

"65 percent of all marriages come from
online dating. That's the reality."
Headshot of Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

4. Create your online dating profile – the “right” way ✅

“If you do this smart, you can win” says Steve. His advice is to avoid adding impractical criteria like “I want a man within an hour of my house”. It goes back to point #2, opening your pool of awareness. “Your soulmate may not live an hour away from you” Steve continues, “your soulmate might live four hours away, or eight hours away”.

5. Tell the truth and be patient 💯

Another key point Steve goes over regarding your online dating profile is to use a real, recent picture. “Don’t put your high school picture up… you must look like the picture!”, which Steve follows up with “because we’re aesthetic people”. Be honest about who you are, because there will be someone who “wants you just the way your are”. Steve then closes out his advice reiterating that you should “tell the truth” and adds that you should put yourself on the site and “sit still”. “I’ve been on there 2 weeks and ain’t nobody called me”… Steve jokes, and then self-responds with “you’ve been single six years… why is 2 weeks bothering you?”.

All of Steve’s advice really resonates with us here at Churchy Date… but what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. We’re working on creating something special, where single Christian men and women can connect through Faith, Laughter and Love.
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